Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alfajor?

Alfajores are sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche, a creamy caramel fudge made from milk and sugar. Alfajores originate from the Middle East. The Spanish acquired the habit of the alfajor from the Moroccam and took it to South America, where they have become Delicatessen.

What is the difference between the alfajor classic and the petit?

The difference is only the size.

The alfajor petit is designed for those people who only have a small sweet bite, to take and share in reunions, birthdays and events. It is a soft and delicate bite.

Can you mix the flavours?

YES, there is a box that is mixed.

How long do they last?

Please see its durability under each product.

Is the dulce de leche Argentino?

YES, we use Argentinian dulce de leche in our Alfajores.

By post office do they arrive well?

From our experience, we have never had problems with the post office, but you can add insurance for your peace of mind.

If there is no one when the order arrives, where do they leave it?

The post office will leave it in a safe place, but you can also pay an additional signature, that means that if the receiver is not there, they leave you a note and you remove it from the post office, making sure you receive it in conditions.